Murder on My Mind | two boys murder a kid for rituals

Murder on My Mind | two boys murder a kid for rituals

Two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were arrested by the Ghana Police for allegedly murdering an 11 year boy  for money rituals around Lamptey Mills, inside Kasoa.

Deputy Central Regional Police Public Relations officer, Evans Enttie tell BBC Pidgin say de suspects use club and cement blocks on de little boy.

The two suspects are Felix Nyarko, who is 18 years and Nicholas Kini, 19. The two trick the victim who is only identified as Ishmael into an uncompleted building where they had the chance to hit him with bottles and stones till he passed out.

Reports be say after dem move de 10-year-old victim only identified as Ishmael into uncompleted building dem allegedly kill am so say dem fit use am for de money rituals.

“We find de young boy inside pool of blood…de suspects lie de deceased to de uncompleted building, hit an plus club den cement block” he reveal.

De incident happen for Kasoa on Saturday around 5pm, Kasoa Divisional Police Command no comment officially on the incident and arrests yet.

But videos wey dey circulate dey show say police pick up de dead body for truck inside wey de two suspects also dey inside handcuffs.

Ghana Police Service don put out message on social media wey dey advise children against dealing with strangers.

The question now is , Why this young children chasing after money when actually their education is not fulfilled .

Parental control is now beyond control. I will say sometimes this things arises as a result of irresponsible parenthood. These two children have been giving their freedom for quiet a long time so they fell like they own their life.

At this stage if you are able to do what you have done then what will you do if you are 30 -40 years. There are a lot we can change for these incident to never repeat itself again

What makes a child irresponsible

A child is like a sick person, he or she needs to be handle with care and proper lesson thought. Nurturing a child is not easy but it is the responsibility of every parent once you bring it to the word to make sure that you make sure the child also grows up to be a responsible one.

The following are the causes of irresponsible children in our modern day children.

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents are strict disciplinarians who provide their children with few rewards and little opportunity to express their own opinions.

This parenting style can make it difficult for children to exercise independent decision making skills, leading to irresponsible behavior.

If you tend to be a strict parent and wonder why your child is behaving irresponsibly, the problem could actually be your strictness.

Try rewarding your child for good behavior rather than punishing her for bad choices and encourage her to frequently express her opinions and beliefs, even if you disagree with them.

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are parents who set no rules and who tend to do everything for their children. To learn responsibility, children need their parents to set clear rules and expectations for behavior.

Inappropriate Expectations

Children must be given developmentally appropriate tasks in order to behave responsibly. Children under five, for example, are generally best at following simple one-step directions, while children under 10 generally require adult supervision when completing chores.

Teenagers should be given substantial independence and opportunities to make their own decisions. When parents give children too many chores or spend too much time supervising older children, kids may exhibit irresponsible behavior. Ensure that your expectations for your child are reasonable for her age group.


Children frequently react to stress by regressing, which means acting as if they are younger than they are.

Previously responsible children who begin behaving irresponsibly may be experiencing stress. Family difficulties, trouble with friends, too many extracurricular activities and school anxiety can all trigger poor behavior.

Work with your child to minimize her stress and develop coping strategies together. This models responsible behavior to her and makes it easier for her to make good decisions.

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