Moesha Boduong denies the confession of repentance she made; Now says God used her to tell someone’s story

COnfession of Repentance was not true . It was about another person story not mine Moesha Boduong

Just recently that news circulated social media and the world about Moesha Buodong who has repented and given her life to christ.

Now she is out again with another fascinating story about it claiming the story was not about her . It is another story God used her to tell the world.

denody.com/moesha budong

I am made to believe that this slay queens we have when ever they fall into some kind of trouble , they want the easy way out and thats to Hold on to the innocent God who receives both wrong doers and righteous.

Now things are working well so she is coming back to continue slaying and beautifying the internet with her humongous back load and images.

denody.com/moesha budong

In an Interview, the actress was spotted in a long dress that has swept dust into people eyes , passionately talking about her repentance and dedicating her life to Christ. “I was so sick because the devil didn’t want me to speak up,” she said.

denody.com/moesha budong

However, in a new interview, the actress is saying that all the story she shared in the video is not about her.

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