Gabon’s Hadiza appeared in court, saying she did not know the man who allegedly stole thousands of naira from her.

Hadiza saying she did not know the man who allegedly stole thousands of naira from her.


PREMIUM TIMES has reported that a Zamfara State civil servant, Bala Musa, has sued Hadiza Gabon in a court of law in Kaduna for allegedly breaking her marriage vows.

Musa said he had to pay Gabon N396,000 for his services.

Hadiza and Musa were due to appear in court on Monday but did not attend.

In court Moses says he has been in love with Hadith for a long time, which is why they even got married.

“Ever since we fell in love I have spent N396,000 on women. Whenever his needs arose I would pay them.

“Hadiza refused to come to me in Gusau after we finished planning to visit me and then we started planning our wedding.

The trial began on May 23, but Hadiza was not in court at the time.

Hadiza’s lawyer, Mubarak Kabir, said Hadiza did not appear in court because she was not sure if the summons was valid.

Kabir said that according to Hadiza’s work, she had to be careful about people she said she knew or had a relationship with.

He said the court gave him some time to see Hadiza come to court at the next hearing.

Judge Rilwanu Kyaudai said the trial would resume on June 13.

On Tuesday, Gabon attended a court hearing where it said it had never seen the man, according to the Daily Trust.

“I didn’t know him and I never met him.”

Gabon’s lawyer said: “The man was interviewing someone on a fake website that came up with a picture of the hero.

He was then tricked into believing he was being interviewed by Gabon until they stole N300,000.

However, the plaintiff’s lawyer said that was not the case and that Gabon itself had fallen in love with him and had paid him money.

The judge adjourned the case to May 28.


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