23-year-old lady marries her boyfriend’s 89-year-old dad after cheating on her [Watch]

A 23-year-old lady has married her boyfriend’s 89-year-old father after reportedly catching him cheating on her.

A Photo of the young lady and her older new husband was shared on Instagram by a media blog The Savoy Show.

Lady marries her boyfriend’s dad after catching him cheating on her

Responding to trolls that greeted her action, the lady slammed people for branding her a h*oe.

In a video shared by the same media blog, she spoke about how her boyfriend, now her ex, cheated on her with different women, including her friends.

Her statement in part reads: ” So, I am being called a h*oe for getting married to my ex-boyfriend’s dad but my ex-boyfriend, who cheated on me with multiple women including my friends, is not being called a h*oe.

“The same guy who was out there swinging like a hula hoop. But no, I am the h*oe…”

Watch the video below:

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Woman marries Boyfriend’s Father

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