Nonye Toria, the Afrobeat Queen that performed for the Queen of England

Nonye Toria, the Afrobeat Queen that performed for the Queen of England

Nonye Toria, the Afrobeat Queen that performed for the Queen of England

Nigeria’s Afrobeat sensation, Victoria-Joy Nonye Okocha, aka Nonye Toria, Nonye is one of the few Nigerian acts in history that have performed before Queen Elizabeth II, the revered Queen of England. Not not only is this considered a rare privilege, but it is also a milestone achievement for Nonye Toria. Performing before the Queen of England defined her music career, and it has been her primary source of inspiration even when the going got tough.

Nonye was born in Lagos and spent the better part of her childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, before relocating to the UK at 13. Young Nonye had already picked up an interest in music from childhood as she was fond of playing the flute. She was part of the Sarafina Musical group in her primary school and joined the Mo-Town Band in Berkshire College, UK, in 2008. As the vocalist in the band, Nonye sang cover songs, including old blues, to the gratification of listeners.

Nonye later went on to perform for the Queen of England in 2008 through her performing Arts School. Nonye’s performance impressed the Queen that she named Nonye’s number “Day by Day” as her favourite performance of the day. According to Nonye, having the Queen of England love her performance is the most significant achievement of her career. “Anytime I remember that moment, l feel, I was born to sing,” she added.

Since then, Nonye has had several live performances across the UK and Africa. Nonye featured in an episode of “EastEnders, a popular TV drama in Britain, televised by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Nonye is currently buzzing in the Nigerian music industry with her recent hit “Paper Loving Remix,” hitting airwaves across the country. Her unique and vocal prowess identifies her. Nonye Toria just released her debut album- Felicitas Saeculi,2022, which is available on all streaming platforms. The talented Afrobeat Queen is managed by the record label Saint Alexandra Entertainment.

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