Yaa Jackson denies drinking parazone because of a man

Young and talented Yaa Jackson has rubbished the rumours that she nearly lost her life after drinking a bottle of parazone because of a ma.

To set the records straight, the young actress has revealed that many of her followers have been bugging her about the possibility that she drank parazone because of a man.

According to Yaa Jackson, the wild claims that she drank parazone because of a man is fake and never true as purported by the media.

Sharing a screenshot of a chat she had with a fan, Yaa Jackson additionally bragged that there are tons of men begging for her love.

The fans asked; “How could you possibly take parazone because of man. Yaa please enjoy this life very wel and continue with your music career,”

Yaa quickly responded with the words below;

“When u done tell me what u heard I am too big for that. Got millions of men in my dM won’t take my life seekof one :)”

Meanwhile, just a few months ago, Yaa Jackson nursed fresh broken heart wounds as she and her boyfriend Manuel went their separate ways after about 5 years of dating.

Earlier in April, the 21-year-old actress cum musician and full-time slay queen took to Instagram to share an intimate picture celebrating her boyfriend on his birthday.

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