Wnba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History

Wnba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History

Wnba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History


For all or most nba fans, hearing or listening to words like a flush, slam dunk, poster dunk and all the other adjectives put on “dunk” from our favorite commentators is very apparent. Whiles slam dunks are very impressive to watch, as nba fans we take the display of them for granted. Slam dunks are a common feature of the men’s basketball league.

Unfortunately, the story is not the same for the wnba. Female athletes don’t tend to fly into the air and score by jamming the ball into the net whiles shaking the rim during games. Dunking is an established pivotal component of the game of basketball that gets fans up on their seats. I have been a student and fan of basketball and it is with no doubt dunking is the spice/favour the wnba miss.
Dunking is a sport showmanship that requires sheer athleticism and practice. Given these reason few wnba players have been able to dunk in the history of wnba sports/league.
In fact, dunking is so rare in the history of the wnba such that fans question whether it is illegal wnba players to dunk in the Wnba.

Today, we would be exploring the wnba players who have ever dunked in history of the league.

1. Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie is retired veterane of the Los Angeles Sparks. She is perhaps one of the most well-known wnba players of all time. On July 30th, 2002 Lisa Leslie became the first wnba player to ever dunk in wnba history. She did so in a game against the Miami Sol. “For me to be the first is pretty exciting, because now anybody else will always be second or third.” her remarks afterwards. Lisa would later on maker her second dunk on July 9, 2005 against the same team.

2. Michelle Snow


Wnba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History

A year after the spectacular dunk display of Lisa Leslie in the wnba, Michelle Snow becomes the second wnba player ever in history. Her dunk was even much more spectacular and argueably one one of the best dunks ever in the history of the wnba. Michellle Snow managed to put on a sensational reverse dunk at the rim in an All Star game against the East All Star team.

3. Candace Parker

nba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History

Candace Parker becomes the next in line to dunk in history of the wnba. She joined the exclusive list in a the regular season game playing for the Los Angeles Sparks in 2008. Candace Parker was always an exceptional player with high jump ability. Moreover she was also the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game. She also won the McDonald’s High School All-American Game Slam Dunk contest. Out performing the guys back in 2004.

4. Sylvia Fowles

Wnba Players To Ever Dunk in Wnba History

Just a year later, like Michelle Snow, Syliva Fowles made her dunk in an All Star Game against the West All Star. She dunked at the end of the game and was largely uncontested. Sylvia Fowles may not be as popular and decorated wnba player as her counterparts on the list, it is worth noting of her accomplishment in this regards.

5. Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner holds the most dunks by far in the history of the wnba. An impressive wnba player with sheer athleticism and will on the court. The 6 foot 8 athlete stands with a total record of 20 dunks across 18 different games. Of the total dunks, twice in a game. 18 dunks in the regular season, and the first dunk in a playoff game (August 25, 2014). As well as a dunk in the 2021 WNBA Finals series game two.
Brittney Griner emerged into the scene of women basketball as a high school senior. With an impressive record of 52 dunks in 32 games. She set a single-game record of seven dunks.

6. Jonquel Jones

In 2017 Jonquel Jones managed to put one down while playing in an All Star game against the West All Star. Like Sylvia Fowles, her dunk at the rim uncontested but that doesn’t make her one-handed slam show any less impressive. For 6’6 athlete she is one of the shortest wnba players to ever dunk.

7. Liz Cambage

Liz Cambage

In order of occurance, Liz Cambage is the last but not the least on the list of wnba players to ever jam the ball in the rim. Liz dunked in an Olympic game playing for the Australian nation team during the 2012 Olympics in London. She made the dunk against Russia. Even though her dunk was not that flashy, her dunk made her the first wnba player to dunk at the Olympics.

Final Thoughts

Though Liz Cambage is the last but not least of the list, she would most certainly not be the last on the list. Given the fact that Lisa Leslie set the tone for the sport as a trail blazer for the rest. As the wnba gets more athletic we will be able to see more wnba players dunk or fly high to the rim for a slam.

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