BBN Queen Gifts Brother Mercedes Benz.

BBN Queen Gifts Brother Mercedes Benz.


Ex BBN reality star Queen has gifted her younger brother a Mercedes Benz car gift.


bbnaija queen

The socialite, who referred to him as her ‘first boyfriend’, showered him with encomium saying he has been a great support system

She wrote: “Where do I start from? The story is quite lengthy but I’ll keep it short.
You’ve been so helpful with everything and anything that concerns me.

“You’ve put so much effort in building all my brands with me without asking for anything in return.
“If I had employed someone else for the post of a manager, I’m sure it would had been a tug of war.

“During this year’s BBN reunion show, I saw all the efforts you put in to get me to the show and take me back home no matter how late it was till the last day of the show.

“The way you make sure everything is always in place for your sister, amazes me. “I’ve always wanted to return this favour and appreciate all your efforts.”

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