Melike Gün Kanavuzlar: Turkish Teen Falls Trying to Retrieve Her Cell Phone


Melike gün kanavuzlar a Turkish teen girl falls to lose of life while trying to retrieve her cell phone.

Who is melike gün kanavuzlar? What happened to melike gün kanavuzlar Turkish teen girl? When and where this horrific incident took place? will explain whole story by sharing melike gün kanavuzlar falls to loss of life video.

Melike gün kanavuzlar

Melike Gün Kanavuzlar Video

Security footage captured the horrifying moment a Turkish teen fell to her death from a building while trying to retrieve her phone.

This horrific incident occurred on October 12 after Melike Gun Kanavuzlar, 15, dropped her device while on a building in a town called Ortaca in Mugla Province, Western Turkey, local media reported.

When the teen tried to recover it, she lost her balance and fell four stories onto the pavement below.

The distressing 11-second clip, captured via security cameras on neighboring buildings, starts off with a bystander strolling the sidewalk outside the building.

All of a sudden, they venture out from under the building’s awning, whereupon Kanavuzlar’s body hits the concrete next to them with a sickening thud.

Melike Gün Kanavuzlar Video Lose of Life

The teen was subsequently rushed to a state hospital in critical condition, before being transferred to an Intensive Care Unit in the city of Mugla in southwestern Turkey, Newsflash reported.

Melike gün kanavuzlar hung on for a staggering 18 days before succumbing to her injuries.

Melike Gün Kanavuzlar was buried on October 30.

Melike Gün Kanavuzlar Video Teen Falls While Retrieving Cell Phone

Melike Gün Kanavuzlar Video is really a disturbing CCTV Footage.

Below you can watch Melike Gün Kanavuzlar Video,

melike gùn Kanavuzlar Video

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