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Shanquella Robinson, viral footage of her fight, and leaked video of her murder in Mexico

 Twitter post on ShanquellaRobinson, viral footage of her fight, and leaked video of her murder in Mexico

Over the weekend of Halloween, a businessman from North Carolina
perished while travelling to Cabo, Mexico, with some pals. Bernard and
Salamondra Robinson, her parents, are looking for information about what
happened to their daughter.

Video the shanquella Robinson fight


Although Shanquella’s death was allegedly caused by alcohol poisoning,
the Robinsons remain sceptical of this claim. The event is being looked into by
national agencies because Shanquella passed away in Mexico. After Shanquella
Robinson, 25, was discovered dead in Mexico, her family is seeking
explanations. Her broken neck was the cause of death.

They are unsure of the truth regarding what transpired at a Cabo villa
due to conflicting stories. For Shanquella Robinson and her friends, who
travelled to Cabo to commemorate one of their birthdays, the long weekend was
meant to be enjoyable. “ They have a cook, she said.


They were preparing to eat. I said, “OK,” as they were eating
tacos, a salad, or something similar. I cherish you. Good night, everyone. I’ll
talk to you tomorrow. My child and I never spoke again. Salamondra Robinson,
her mother, said that she never returned home.

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