Watch Diputada Trans Video Leaked on Twitter


Watch Diputada Trans Video Leaked on Twitter below – She made history as one of the two transgender legislators in Mexico who was elected to serve in congress. However, she was at the center of a hurricane after she tweeted an uncensored p*rn video. In response to this, representatives as well as women’s rights groups made demands.

After uploading an intimate s*xual video to her Twitter account, trans legislator Maria Clemente Garca Moreno received both criticism and support from her followers.

Who is Maria Clemente Garca Moreno?

Maria Clemente Garca Moreno (born 11 October 1985) is a Mexican politician and an activist who champions the rights of women and minorities. She has been a member of the Mexican Congress since 2021 and is currently a member of the LXV Legislature. As a former member of Morena, she resigned from the party on 31 March 2022 after having been a member for more than a decade.

Initially, García was a member of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, but after the creation of Morena, she became a member of the said party as well. In 2021, Morena nominated her to run for federal deputy through the plurinominal route. As a member of the LXV Legislature, she was elected together with Salma Luévano as the first two deputies to identify as transgender. Her responsibilities within the Chamber of Deputies include serving as secretary of the Commission for Attention to Vulnerable Groups, as well as member of the Commission for Diversity.

Her tenure as a deputy has given her notoriety in public opinion for several instances of discrimination, including when she spoke out against ill-treatment in the cafeteria of the Chamber of Deputies. As she protested statements made by deputy Gabriel Quadri that she felt were transphobic, she clashed with fellow deputy Santiago Creel Miranda, who was presiding over the Chamber session on 31 March 2022. Afterward, she apologized to Creel for the public opinion, and announced that she would no longer be a party member, but also denounced the hypocrisy of the deputies as a whole, as well as of the Morena parliamentary group.

Watch Diputada Trans Video Leaked on Twitter

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