Chuba Akpom Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Chuba Akpom Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Chuba Akpom Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Azu Akpom (Father), Patience Akpom (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend, Siblings, Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Chuba Akpom also explains his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the full history of Chuba Akpom. This is the story of a boy from a rough neighbourhood in Newham.

He was determined not to be badly influenced by his surroundings. Instead, the future star decided to play ball at the park instead of joining the bad group.

Lifebogger tells the story of a footballer who never thought he would go far in his career. According to Akpom, “I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have the honour of playing for Arsenal.

Thanks to the support he got from his family and loved ones, that encouraged Chuba to push harder.


Our version of Chuba Akpom’s Biography begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Chuba Akpom’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell you how the  Canning Town native rose to become lethal in front of goal.

Lifebogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Chuba Akpom Biography. To begin going that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of his boyhood days to rise. Indeed, Chuba Akpom has come a long way in his amazing life journey.

Chuba Akpom Biography - From his childhood to the moment he became famous.
Chuba Akpom Biography – From his childhood to the moment he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows he won the Greek Cup’s Most Valuable Player award for the 2018-2019 season. And he, alongside Eddie Nketiah, are among Arsenal academy strikers who had a remarkable journey to find success finally.

While writing stories about the Nigerian strikers, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many fans have read Chuba Akpom’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Chuba Akpom Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Libra-born striker bears the nickname “Ak47.” And his Full Names are Chuba Amechi Akpom. The athlete was born on the 9th day of October 1995 to his mother, Patience, and father, Azu, in Canning Town, London, England.

The athlete arrived in the world as a son born to his parents. He was born into a marital union between his Dad, Azu Akpom, and Mum, Patience Akpom. Now, let’s introduce you to Chuba Akpom’s parents, especially his mother. People who have infected him most with their intelligence, love, and care. 

Meet Chuba Akpom's parents, his father, Azu Akpom, and his mother, Patience Akpom.
Meet Chuba Akpom’s parents, his father, Azu Akpom, and his mother, Patience Akpom.

Growing-Up Years:

The young gun spent his childhood years in the canning town of Nawham with his family. So it was easy for him to play with kids in his neighbourhood. 

According to the baller, his childhood moments with his friends are one memory he cherishes. Akpom’s young appearance was an odd blend of happiness and innocence. Chuba grew up to be a talented, lovable, and content child. 

Chuba Akpom Early Life:

Everything related to his football talent started manifesting when he was a boy. No one in Chuba Akpom’s family, not even his extended family, had any idea how successful he would become. Also, he hardly had time to do his homework because he was always out playing football.

Youngster Chuba signing his first Academy contract.
Youngster Chuba signing his first Academy contract.

The striker’s parents and friends were the people who perfectly understood his very sporty nature. Thankfully, football became a way for Chuba to overcome the temptations of crime in his neighbourhood. The beautiful game made him socialize more with good friends, which motivated him career-wise.

Chuba Akpom’s humble beginnings began in his family’s shelter in the London Borough of Newham, United Kingdom. In fact, he was known for football in that environment. Also, the memories of playing the beautiful game in Canning Town would always make him feel wistful.

Chuba Akpom Family Background:

First of all, the striker comes from a sporty family. Research shows that most of Chuba Akpom’s family (his grandfather, father, and uncles) were former footballers back in Nigeria. Azu (Chuba’s father) played football at the amateur level in Nigeria and passed the virus to his son, who surpassed him.

The family of the London-born forward is neither poor nor middle-class. On the basis of the parental income range, we define the athlete’s family as wealthy. 

Here, Chuba Akpom’s parents pose for the camera with him during his professional paper signing at 16.
Here, Chuba Akpom’s parents pose for the camera with him during his professional paper signing at 16.

Judging from the photo above, it is clear how close Chuba Akpom’s family is. Given how far he has come in his career, everyone in his family admires him. Also, Azu and Patience are always available to provide their son with all the support he needs.

Chuba Akpom Family Origin:

Aside from his British nationality, the most obvious fact about his looks (at first glance) is his African heritage. But first things first, Chuba Akpom’s parents are from Nigeria. The striker has been of British nationality since his birth.

In our quest to know more about Chuba Akpom’s African ancestry, we decided to research where he comes from in Nigeria. Results from our inquiry show Formal PAOK Forward has African roots in the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Now, here is a map to help you better understand Chuba Akpom’s ancestry. particularly that of his African heritage. 

This map helps you understand where the Center-Forward comes from.
This map helps you understand where the Center-Forward comes from.

The striker joins players with Sub-Saharan ancestry and backgrounds, such as Djibril Sow and Manuel Akanji. While Akanji comes from a Nigerian family, Djibril originated from Senegal.

Chuba Akpom Ethnicity :

In eastern Nigeria, where he comes from, English is the lingua franca. Chuba Akpom’s origins in eastern Nigeria also have links with states like Delta, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, and Abia. Ebonyi and River States are also included. 

Interestingly, the majority of the states listed here speak the Igbo language. Now, here is Chuba Akpom’s ethnicity map. 

This Map explains Chuba Akpom's ethnicity.
This map explains Chuba Akpom’s ethnicity.

Chuba Akpom Education:

When he approached school age, his parents were able to train him until he finished his elementary education at St. Helen’s Catholic Primary School. According to our research, Chuba sometimes forgets to do his school homework because of his love for football. 

After his primary education, his parents enrolled him in St. Bonaventure’s Catholic Comprehensive School in East Ham. During his stay there, the athlete was a good student with great character. Also, Akpom was an excellent kid with good grades.

Throughout his schooling at St. Bonaventure’s, he was a member of the Arsenal academy. Even at the age of 16, when he signed his first professional contract. The picture below shows Chuba Akpom flaunting his certificate from St. Bonaventure. 

Chuba Akpom put his Certificate on display.
Chuba Akpom put his certificate on display.

Career Buildup:

As a young boy, Chuba played soccer a lot during class breaks and with friends after school hours. Also in the street and the parks. From the onset, his sporting idols always have been renowned players Kanu Nwankwo and Thierry Henry.

Early on, the super dad, who once had a career in soccer just like his granddad, always wanted his son to follow in their footsteps. According to his dad, he notices the excitement on Chuba’s face anytime he takes him to the park to play.

The starlet enjoys playing football more than any other sport. When Azu noticed his son’s interest in football, it was not surprising to him as it was a family trait. However, he gave him all the support he needed as a supportive father.

Even as he gets older, Akpom still goes to the park to play with friends who encourage him. More especially Alex Iwobi, who has been his friend since childhood. The photo below shows the bond between the friends turned brothers. 

The bond that exit between the two is more than just friendship but brotherhood.
The bond that exists between the two is more than just friendship; it is brotherhood.

Chuba Akpom Biography – Football Story:

Akpom signed for Arsenal while still in primary school at the tender age of six. He lived in such a way that he was able to balance playing football and studying. At Arsenal, he spent his formative years when the team was at the pinnacle of English football.

Those days, the emerging talent and his friend had great memories in Rippleway FC, their first club. Chuba was a born star who had always played Forward right from childhood. During his youth, the youngster and his friend were nothing less than exceptional. Their parents were very proud of them. 

Chuba and Alex during their Rippleway Fc days.
Chuba and Alex during their Rippleway FC days.

Akpom’s father, Azu, was a very supportive dad during his formidable years. The proud dad always took the striker to his training ground before he started living in the academy. According to Chuba, he played with Rippleway FC in Newham for two seasons.

Also, he scored many goals before West Ham scouted him. The young striker went on trial at West Ham before going back to sign with Arsenal because the club took too long.

Chuba Akpom Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Chuba Amechi Akpom played for Arsenal throughout his youth career after joining the team as a youngster. He made his league debut for Arsenal at the age of 17 under the wing of Arsene Wenger. He met opposition like Olivier Giroud and other great centre-forwards, making it difficult for him not to be benched.

To gain more experience, he started his loan journey. To gain further first-team experience, he went on loan with English teams Brentford and Coventry City. Also, Nottingham Forest, Hull City, Brighton and Belgian club Sint-Truiden.

In 2018, the striker was forced to end the fifteen-year association with his boyhood club. During an interview, Akpom claimed Unai Emery told him;

“There’s a lot of strikers in the club at that time, and it would be hard for him to give me game time”.

Skrikers like Danny Welbeck, Alexandre Lacezette, Alexis SanchezPierre Emerick Aubamey etc. The goal-scorer, seeing the need to play more games and move onto the next level in his career, accepted it in good faith. Akpom pulled off his Emirates Stadium outfit and sighed with PAOK in 2018. 

Chuba Akpom’s PAOK Journey:

In August 2018, Akpom departed the Gunners and signed with the Greek Super League club PAOK Thessaloniki. At PAOK, he donned the number 47 shirt and promoted the “AK47” hashtag on Twitter. However, he made Greece his home, and by August 2020, he was representing PAOK in the Champions League.

According to the striker, joining PAOK has given him a new life experience. Chuba helped his team automatically qualify for the second qualifying stage of next season’s UEFA Champions League. This was after 34 years of his club not getting to that position.

However, after scoring seven goals in the Super League, 2020 was Akpom’s most productive year.

Chuba Akpom Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In September 2020, the superstar returned to England. Chuba Akpom signed for Championship side Middlesbrough for a loan fee of €3.20m. The striker scored five goals from 39 appearances in his first season at the Riverside. Also, the baller scored on his debut against QPR and the following match against Barnsley.

Chuba returned to PAOK on a season-long loan on August 25, 2021. He continued to stay there till the end of the 2021–2022 season. In 52 appearances, he scored eleven goals, including two in the Europa League. Also, the finisher was the top goal scorer in the EFL Championship. 

Collection of Chuba Akpom Trophies in PAOK.
Collection of Chuba Akpom Trophies in PAOK.

Finally, Middlesbrough manager Michael Carrick revealed on January 5, 2023, that the club had extended Akpom’s contract. However, the contract was extended by 12 months. Currently, the Ex-Arsenal player is the top goal scorer in the club, with a total of 13 goals in 20 games.

International Career:

In a friendly game against Slovenia on February 15, 2011, Akpom earned his England U16 debut. Since the athlete made his national team debut, he has represented England in different categories.

However, Akpom frequently scored at each level and won international honours for England in the under-16, under-17, under-19, under-20, and under-21 levels.

On March 28, 2017, Akpom reportedly made known his intentions to play for Nigeria at the international level. His decision was made after discussing it with Amaju Pinnick, president of the Nigeria Football Federation.

In a BBC Sport interview, Chuba said,

“It was a choice I made on my own. It will be good to represent Nigeria because I’m Nigerian, and my family also feels extremely Nigerian”.

As we come to the concluding part of Chuba Akpom’s career journey, we believe he has not disappointed his fans. The rest, as we say, is history.

Chuba Akpom Girlfriend:

It is said that having a girlfriend who understands the demands of being a professional athlete can also help a footballer manage their time and commitments more effectively.

To that effect, Lifebogger asks an ultimate question:


Since his rise to stardom, there’ve been many inquiries regarding his love life. However, he is unquestionably an attractive footballer. Chuba only makes news for his impressive performance on the pitch. As I write this Bio, there is no information or gossip regarding the identity of his girlfriend.

Moreso, Akpom might be focusing on his career and not have time for a relationship now. It is important to note that professional football players often have demanding schedules. Also, training, matches, and travel take up a significant portion of their time.

Finally, the Middlesbrough FC player may prefer to keep his personal life private. He might also want to avoid the attention and prying eyes of the public on his relationship. We believe that, with time, everything will come to light.

Chuba Akpom Children:

The net burster has been seen on different occasions with a son. It is not certain if the boy is his son or not, as the identity of the child is still unknown.

However, his constant display of the baby on his social media shows he is the father. Note that our research on the topic is inconclusive at the time of writing this biography.

Personal Life:

In this section of Chuba Akpom’s Biography, we’ll tell you things you probably don’t know about him. This brings us to the question, away from everything football: 


This Biographical section explains Chuba Akpom’s personality.
This biographical section explains Chuba Akpom’s personality.

The Middlesbrough FC shooting star joins the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pele, who have Libra zodiac signs. Chuba Akpom is an intelligent and hardworking individual with an extroverted personality. The baller is optimistic about everything in his career and is open to daily improvement.

Chuba Akpom Workout:

It’s believed that athletes spend time working out to improve their physical fitness and performance on the field. Also, training improves their endurance, strength, speed, and overall conditioning. However, the striker is very good at exercising. Here is a video of Chuba Akpom’s workout and fitness secrets.

Chuba Akpom Charity:

The superstar takes time to support many foundations, financially and otherwise. One of the many other foundations he has supported is the Heart4More Foundation. In 2018, Chuba and other Arsenal stars, Hector Bellerin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, competed in the charity’s cooking challenge.

In addition, the Heart4More Foundation ambassador Danielle Carter was included as the only lady. See the video below.

Finally, the striker is a person that does not joke about his mental vacation, just like Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The natural surroundings and peaceful atmosphere, like the sea, can provide him with a sense of relaxation and mental rejuvenation. 

These photos explain how best the baller enjoys nature.
These photos explain how the baller enjoys nature.

Chuba loves spending time around the sea because it helps to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Moreso, salt water can also be beneficial for recovery, as it can help reduce inflammation and soreness in the muscles.

Chuba Akpom Lifestyle:

The ex-Arsenal forward is not the type to boast about his wealth on social media. Akpom is among the ballers that focus and dedicate more to their craft rather than being preoccupied with material possessions. Also, he prefers to keep a low profile and maintain a sense of privacy and humility.

Chuba Akpom Car:

For the record, the baller is the kind of person who fantasizes about driving expensive cars. Among other cars in his garage, Chuba had an unforgettable experience with his £60,000 Range Rover in 2018.

The incident happened on December 17, 2018, at around 4.50 am. The 22-year-old lost control of his car and mounted a grass verge near his home in Barnet, North London. He then damaged a fence and some furniture.

Police gave Akpom a breath test after they traced the path of devastation. The British-born Nigerian was taken to the police station and charged with drunk driving. After it was discovered that he was over the legal limit.

Finally, Akpom was charged to Willesden Magistrates Court and fined. The court fined him £9,350 with £85 in costs and disqualified him from driving for 17 months. This was after he admitted that he drove the Range Rover with double the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

Chuba Akpom Family Life:

The warm love of a close-knit family provides all the warmth; it is unique and unreplaceable. Here we will talk about the famous Akpom family. Now let’s start with the head of the family. Without further ado, let’s begin.

About Chuba Akpom Father:

First and foremost, the super dad bears the name Azu Akpom. The Nigerian father was a former registrar. Before he became a registrar, Azu worked for the Borough of Newham in East London in 2004. In 2006, he became the registrar, and a year later, he was promoted to the senior registrar.

Azu Akpom’s Fraud Case:

Chuba Apkom’s father, Azu Akpom, was guilty of issuing false birth certificates to many African fraudsters. As a result, Azu was sentenced for helping the team that stole at least £ 4 million from taxpayers.

This was because he filled out the names the gang gave on birth certificates instead of following the proper process. which involves requesting confirmation of their birth with an NHS number.

Despite all the challenges Azu faced, it did not stop him from taking good care of his family. Additionally, the doting father was seriously concerned when his son had an accident with his Range Rover. Azu had a momentary panic and almost called the police when he saw the smatched car without his son.

About Chuba Akpom Mother:

According to his social media pages, Chuba Akpom’s mother and son appear to have a strong bond. Patience Akpom celebrates her birthday every 23rd of November. The British-born athlete celebrated his mother on November 23, 2014, on Facebook and lavished her with love.

To show the world that his mum is his ride or die forever. The famous athlete tweeted, saying her mom should know that he is old enough for her to stash chocolate from him. In fact, the mother and son enjoy spending time together.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Chuba Akpom’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about him. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Chuba Akpom Tattoos:

The Net-buster, like many athletes, got tattoos as a form of self-expression. Also, to commemorate significant events and people in his life, he got a tattoo on one of his hands. See the picture of his Tattoos below. 

Chuba Akpom's tattoos explained.
Chuba Akpom’s tattoos explained.

Chuba Akpom Salary:

First off, the Middlesbrough striker is a billionaire from Nigeria. Now, let’s provide you with some proof of our claim. Based on a report on Capology, Chuba Akpom makes £1,170,000 million a year with Middlesbrough, a club in England. Converting it to naira will give you the sum of 537,977,700 Billion Naira. 

TENURE Chuba Akpom’s Salary With Middlesbrough in Euros (£) Chuba Akpom’s Salary With Middlesbrough in Naira
What he makes EVERY YEAR: £1,170,000 537,977,700 naira
What he makes EVERY MONTH: £97,500 44,831,475 naira
What he makes EVERY WEEK: £22,465 10,329,832 naira
What he makes EVERY DAY: £3,209 1,475,690 naira
What he makes EVERY HOUR: £133 61,487 naira
What he makes EVERY MINUTE: £2 1,024 naira
What he makes EVERY SECOND: £0.03 17 naira

The contract Chuba Akpom signed with Middlesbrough club earns him a whopping sum of £1,170,000 every year. Breaking down his earnings into smaller amounts, here is a table that displays that.

How Rich is The Goal Machine:

According to our research, the average citizen of Nigeria makes around 4,060,000 Naira per year. Did you know?… It would take such a citizen 11 years to make what Chuba Akpom earns (only in a month) with Middlesbrough.

Since you started viewing Profile Chuba Akpom‘s Bio, he has earned with Boro


Chuba Akpom Profile:

The star is very much similar to Gabriel Jesus and Dusan Vlahovic. They are finishers who excel in all areas of football, ranging from composure, speed, Technique, and precision. Here is a view of Akpom’s Sofifa.

Acceleration, Sprint speed, and jumping are his valuable assets.
Acceleration, Sprint speed, and jumping are his valuable assets.

Chuba Akpom Religion:

The super eagles player was brought up in a religious family. Despite being a Christian, Chuba Akpom seems to be less outspoken about his religious views. The son of Azu and Patience is one football player who doesn’t enjoy sharing his religious beliefs on social media.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Chuba Akpom Biography.

Full Name: Chuba Amechi Akpom
Date of Birth: 9th day of October 1995
Place of Birth: Canning Town, London
Age: 27 years and 3 months old.
Mother: Patience Akpom
Father: Azu Akpom
Nationality: England
Height: 6 feet
Religion: Christianity
Playing position: Forward
Zodiac sign: Libra
Annual Salary: £1,170,000 OR 537,977,700 naira
Jersey No: 23
School: St. Bonaventure


Chuba Amechi Akpom was born on the 9th day of October 1995 to Patience Akpom (his Mum) and Azu Akpom (his Dad). His birthplace is Canning Town, London, England.

The Ace Striker has never disclosed that he has other siblings from the union between his parents. Our research only has him in the picture as the only child born to his parents, Mr and Mrs Patience and Azu Akpom. Regarding his roots, Chuba Akpom’s family is from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Based on research, the ex-PAOK player as a child played football every day. He always played on the street, at the park, at home, and even in school. Also, Akpom said in an interview that his father always takes him to the park to play.

Chuba Akpom’s destiny as a great footballer began when he was 6. Due to his natural talent, his parents enrolled him at Rippleaway FC. While he played football, Chuba also attended his elementary school at St. Helen’s Catholic Primary School, Newham. Also, he finished his formal education in St. Bonaventure. 

Besides all Akpom’s achievements in his career, the British-born had a long and discouraging football journey to the top. Since the beginning of his career, Chuba Akpom’s journey has taken him to Arsenal, Brentford, Coventry City, Brighton, PAOK, etc. As I write his Bio, Akpom is one of Middlesbrough’s strike kings, if not the best.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read LifeBogger’s version of Chuba Akpom’s biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in the constant routine of delivering African footballing stories. Chuba Akpom Bio is part of LifeBogger’s collection of Nigerian Football Players.

Kindly contact us via comments if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir of the Middlesbrough Goal Poacher. Also, please tell us what you think about the career of the Super Striker and the impressive article we’ve made about him.

Asides from Chuba Akpom Bio, we’ve got other great Childhood Stories of Naija Footballers. Surely, the Life History of Taribo West and Victor Moses will interest you.

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