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Jhon Duran Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Jhon Duran Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Jhon Duran Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Regino Duran (Father), Mrs Durán Palacio (Mother), Family Background, Siblings, Cousin (Andrés Palacios Roa), Uncle (Oswaldo Durán), etc.

This article about Jader (his middle name) also breaks down the details of his African Family Origins, Hometown, Ethnicity, Education, Religion, hometown, etc.

Again, we’ll tell you facts about the Colombian Striker’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this memoir breaks down the Full History of Jhon Duran. This is the story of a boy who at the age of 10, was forced to leave his hometown to pursue his football dreams.

No thanks to coming from a family with limited resources, Jhon had no monies for transportation. But he had in him that will and spirit of determination to succeed.

Truth be told, Duran’s journey was very beautiful and very difficult. Beautiful on the part that he found football fame quite early.

The young Up-and-comer worked so hard from an early age. Good people offered him transport monies, he packed his bags and then travelled to the destination of his football dreams.

He sacrificed his childhood (the hours of training, the tears, the pain, the blood) so he could kick a ball.
He sacrificed his childhood (the hours of training, the tears, the pain, the blood) so he could kick a ball.


We begin Jhon Duran’s Biography by telling you notable events of his boyhood years.

Next, we’ll explain the untold details of his early career with Envigado academy. Finally, our article will tell you how the power Wonderkid from Medellín achieved a rise in the beautiful game.

Lifebogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as we engage you with reading Jhon Duran’s Biography.

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that explains the Athlete’s journey from grass to grace. Without question, Duran has come a long way in his amazing football journey.

The Biography of Jhon Duran - From his Early Years to the moment he achieved fame in the beautiful game.
The Biography of Jhon Duran – From his Early Years to the moment he achieved fame in the beautiful game.

Yes, everyone knows the native of Medellín who turned 19 in December 2022 is built like a tank. Jhon Durán is big, young, fast, strong and has a great eye for good finishing.

The kind of goals this big bulky beast scored at age 18 showed he has great potential. Aston Villa signed Duran for this reason, as shown in this video.

In our never-ending quest to tell you the stories of Colombian Forwards, we found a knowledge deficit.

The truth is, not many football fans have read an in-depth version of Jhon Duran’s Biography.

We have obeyed the clarion call to prepare his life story and satisfy your search intent. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Jhon Duran Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Sagittarius-born Athlete bears the nickname JD9. And his Full names are Jhon Jader Durán Palacio. 

The Colombian footballer was born on the 13th day of December 2003 to his Father, Regino Duran and Mother, Mrs Durán Palacio, in Medellín, Colombia.

Jhon Duran arrived in the world not as the last child of his parents. Rather, he is one among other children (which we’ll show you) born to the marital union of his Mum and Dad.

Now, let’s introduce you to Jhon Duran’s Parents. It took a lot of dedication, hard work and emotional support from them to raise their breadwinner son to become the man he is today.

Jhon Duran took this photo with his Dad and Mum on the day he celebrated his 18th birthday.
Jhon Duran took this photo with his Dad and Mum on the day he celebrated his 18th birthday.


Jhon Durán spent his childhood years with his brothers and sister in Zaragoza. Also, he grew up alongside relatives, like his cousin, Andres Palacios Roa.

Zaragoza, which is where Duran spent his childhood, is a town in northwest Colombia, department of Antioquia.

On the day he celebrated his 18th birthday, Jhon’s Mum took this photo with these persons, who appear to be his siblings. Certainly, these family members should be among those who played a crucial role in shaping his childhood memories.

This Athlete's Mum, who has the maternal family name, Palacio, took this photo with family members. It was on the occasion of her son's 18th birthday.
This Athlete’s Mum, who has the maternal family name, Palacio, took this photo with family members. It was on the occasion of her son’s 18th birthday.

Jhon Duran Early Life:

As a young boy growing up in a small neighbourhood Zaragoza, (Antioquia), Jader always had the ball glued to his feet.

Like most kids from humble neighbourhoods, playing street football always brought fond memories, and that was where Jhon’s journey to greatness began.

Just like Chelsea Forward David Datro Fofana, Duran spent a lengthy part of his early childhood years playing street football. He was not registered at a formal academy even at the time he clocked ten years old.

The streets were his number one playground, and his soccer ball was his favourite toy. From the young age of 9, Jhon Durán was observed by many to have natural talent.

The quest to begin a formal career:

As a kid, he was quick on his feet and had a rare knack for assisting and scoring goals.  When the Medellín star grew towards his teenage years, his passion for taking the first formal steps of his career grew stronger.

Duran’s journey from street football to transferring to a recognized academy is a testament to his dedication. 

Andres Palacios Roa, who is the cousin brother of the footballer, once posted this photo on his Twitter account. It serves us information on the time Jhon called to have some tests with Envigado FC.

Young Jhon Durán, on the day he joined the youth ranks of Envigado.
Young Jhon Durán, on the day he joined the youth ranks of Envigado.

Judging by the date shown in the Twitter photo, there exists a fact. One that shows that Jhon Duran began his career journey with the youth ranks of Envigado at the age of 11.

That date was the 22nd of October 2015 (as shown above). It is just before the young athlete’s 12th birthday which is the 13th of December. 

This football club he joined to start his career formerly is responsible for raising top Colombian footballers. A perfect example is James Rodríguez.

Jhon Duran Family Background:

The first thing to know about the Medellín native’s household is the fact that they have a history with football. Let’s start with Jhon Duran’s father. He is a football administrator. Regino is the older brother of former Colombian goalkeeper, Oswaldo Durán.

Nicknamed “La Sombra” or ‘the Shadow’, Jhon Duran’s uncle was a Goalkeeper between the 1980s and the 1990s. After retiring from his professional career, Oswaldo Durán Rentería walked his way into becoming a football manager.

Jhon Duran is the nephew of former Colombian goalkeeper Oswaldo Durán. 

As of 2016, Regino’s brother was the coach of Atlético Huila. This is a professional Colombian football team based in Neiva, a city in south-central Colombia.

The club currently plays in the Categoría Primera B. Oswaldo Durán is pictured above wearing the polo shirt of his team.

Jhon Duran’s Dad once served as the president of a local Colombian football. Judging by their occupation, it is clear that the Athlete’s household, notably his Father and Uncle, had a role in his early career upbringing.

It is also pertinent to state that Jhon Duan’s Family members are closely knitted. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize spending time together, especially on birthday celebrations.

Here was a moment the family celebrated Jhon’s 18th birthday. On this day, the Antioquia Athlete had the double role of being both a celebrant and chef.

It is clear that members of his close-knit household have a strong emotional bond, plus a deep sense of connection and love towards each other.
It is clear that members of his close-knit household have a strong emotional bond, plus a deep sense of connection and love towards each other.

Family Origin:

According to TransferMarkt, both of Jhon Duran’s parents have Colombian nationalities.  Medellín, which is where the Emerging talent was born is the second-largest city in Colombia, just after Bogotá.

Although he grew up in the country’s Zaragoza municipality, Jhon Duran’s family calls Santa Fe de Antioquia their home. Here is a map that’ll help you understand where the Athlete’s family have lived in the course of the years.

A map gallery that explains Jhon Duran's origins.
A map gallery that explains Jhon Duran’s origins.


Jhon Duran is a Colombian of African descent. He identifies with the ethnic group known as African Colombian, Palenquero, Mulatto, or Raizal. Statistics have it that Jhon Duran’s ethnicity makes up 10.5% of his country’s population.

The Athlete’s great-grandparents were part of the African slaves brought to Colombia (by Spanish Colonialists) to work in mines and plantations.

Their arrival helped in assisting the indigenous people of Colombia, who were stressed, with many losing their lives due to harsh working conditions. Davinson Sanchez and Yerry Mina are perfect examples of Afro-Colombians with African heritage.

Jhon Duran Education and Career Buildup:

Having a Dad who is a local football administrator and a Sports uncle, it was certain that he would attend a football school. Our findings revealed that Jhon Duran is a product of Casa de Paz school situated in his town.

A strong drive and motivation saw him work a lot from an early age. At the age of eleven, the youngster was done with local street football. He got the needed family support and that made him leave Casa de Paz school in his hometown to join a recognized academy.

Jhon Duran Biography – Football Story:

At the age of 11, the youngster began his journey with Envigado. Jhon’s brilliance on the ball saw him getting favoured by technicians like Alberto Suárez and Wilberth Perea, who agreed to make him captain.

José Alberto Suárez Giraldo (born on 22nd February 1961) was in charge of Envigado. Also known as Professor Alberto, he took little Jhon as his son and helped him a lot. Meet that man that shaped the life of the Zaragoza Athlete.

José Alberto Suárez Giraldo helped Jhon overcome challenges in his early academy years.
José Alberto Suárez Giraldo helped Jhon overcome challenges in his early academy years.

Young Jhon, who began his journey through the youth ranks of La Cantera de Héroes (also known as Envigado) at the age of eleven, made an immediate impact. One of which was winning this trophy which boosted Duran’s confidence and self-esteem.

On this trophy celebration day, he was greatly encouraged to continue working hard and improving their skills.
On this trophy celebration day, he was greatly encouraged to continue working hard and improving their skills.

Before his teenage years, Duran was described as a skilful and powerful attacker with a rare left foot. The 12-year-old was a huge admirer of three active forwards – Miguel Borja, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robert Lewandowski.

Envigado, the club that raised him to become a professional footballer, is famous for being one of the best breeding grounds for young Colombian footballers. Asides from the 2014 World Cup sensation James Rodríguez, there are other popular footballers raised there.

Among these popular footballers who emerged from Envigado are Juanfer Quintero, Giovanni Moreno, Fredy Guarín, Jhon Córdoba, and Dorlan Pabón, among others.

Jhon Duran Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Before approaching his teenage years, the youngsters’ coaches found he was far above his age group. From a football point of view, they had very little to teach Jhon Duran. This is because everyone knows he (with big physical attributes) was already gifted in his position.

During his teenage years, the budding football prodigy saw himself naturally gaining an advantage on the field – thanks to his height. Jhon’s height gave him an edge against defenders in terms of attack.

Being this tall was beneficial to Duran's positions in football.
Being this tall was beneficial to Duran’s positions in football.

As a young teenager with the vision of becoming a professional, Jhon knew that having only height and physique wouldn’t guarantee his success. The youngster, who always had the ball at his feet, worked on developing his speed, agility and finishing.

Here is the future Aston Villa Athlete; at a time he was progressing with Envigado's academy.
Here is the future Aston Villa Athlete; at a time he was progressing with Envigado’s academy.

Becoming a professional so early:

Graduating from a football academy so early is often rare, except for footballers with exceptional talent. Jhon followed the likes of Harvey Elliott and Jude Bellingham, who graduated from their academies before they could reach 17.

Do you know?… young Duran was only 15 years when he began to play professional football. Starting his career with Envigado FC (the club that raised him in Colombia), the young Forward wasted no time showing his worth.

Durán made his debut for the first team (aged 15) on February 10, 2019. As luck would have it, his first professional match ended in a 1-0 victory against Alianza Petrolera for Primera A.

That 2019, Duran achieved the rare honour of being the second-youngest goal scorer in the history of the Colombian first division.

In fact, Jhon was the third youngest player to score a goal in the entire Colombian league history since the year 1948.

The youngster achieved this feat when he was aged 15 years and 263 days. Achieving such a feat did put lots of football scouts on alert.

As a professional, Duran was known to possess the attributes of Marcus Rashford. He was the type of player (with abundant speed and agility) who could play on the wing or upfront.

The Colombian Sensation scored these goals before having his deserved transfer to the MLS.

Jhon Duran  Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Of course, the fast football rose of the capricious Colombian Forward caught the watchful eyes of bigger clubs abroad. America OTW Scout report ranked him as the #3 most talented central forward in World with a market value below €5,000,000.

Chicago Fire, a soccer team in the MLS, won the race to sign Duran.

By joining them, Jhon achieved the feat of becoming the youngest-ever international transfer in Major League Soccer. Or rather, the youngest foreign footballer to take part in a competition in the US.

Success with the MLS:

While in the American League, Jhon’s goal against Cincinnati broke a record. Duran became the youngest Colombian player to score in the MLS, giving him more motivation.

As time progressed, the football Prodigy grew into becoming the type of forward capable of scoring the same goal several times.

His goal-scoring techniques were known to be very difficult for young Strikers with little professional experience to achieve – except one with rare talent like Mbappe

The truth is, Duran’s goals for the MLS club didn’t come by accident or luck but by capacity and natural talent. This video explains why Jhon was so special for Chicago Fire.

Thanks to his quick rise, the native of Medellín didn’t only give something to fans to talk about in the MLS. Even in his own nation (Colombia), Jhon was all over the local and national news.

At just 18 years old, Jhon Durán scored 30 goals while wearing the Chicago Fire jersey. In fact, he scored all those goals in 2022 across different competitions – the MLS, the US Open Cup, and MLS Next Pro.

Premier League Transfer:

Beginning from the summer transfer window of 2022, the MLS club, Chicago Fire, decided to cash in on their star assets.

The American soccer club, who had just purchased Liverpool’s Xherdan Shaqiri, decided to sell their goalkeeper (Gabriel Slonina) to Todd Boehly’s Chelsea.

On the 23rd day of January 2023, Unai Emery‘s premier league side announced that they had signed Durán.

Jhon’s transfer to Aston Villa has £3.3m of add-ons and a transfer fee reported to be £14.75m. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Who is Jhon Duran’s Girlfriend?

With the boundaries he is already breaking as a young footballer, it is fair to say that the Colombian Athlete is en route to becoming a successful Athlete. So behind a successful Athlete like him comes a huge number of admirers. 

Jhon has cute looks, impressive height and great charisma.

We can’t deny the possibility of some of his female fans having wished to be his wife or the mother of his children. To this end, LifeBogger asks the ultimate question;

Who is Jhon Duran girlfriend?

An enquiry to know who the former Envigado star is dating.
An enquiry to know who the former Envigado star is dating.

At the time of writing Jhon Duran’s Biography, he has not accepted to go public on the status of his relationship.

As of January 2023, a detailed study into his social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) leaves no clue about his private life.

Coming to play in the league which is arguably the toughest in the world often calls for lots of focus for a 19 year old. Hence, it is possible that Jhon Duran’s parents have advised that he keeps his relationship life away from the public eye until he settles well in England.

Personality Facts:

Who is Jhon Duran?

To start with, the Antioquia striker is someone who adores and learns from the football heroes of his country. Do you know that Jhon Duran’s decision to join Aston Villa came from a former Colombian football Legend?

This person is no other than Juan Pablo Ángel, a Baller who wore the Villa shirt and shone for the club between 2001 and 2007.

Telling the world why he joined Aston Villa, Duran cited the story of the Legendary Juan Pablo Ángel. This is a Baller who began playing for Aston Villa before Jhon Duran’s Parents had him.

Here is Juan Pablo Ángel’s emotional message for Jhon Duran, just after he joined Aston Villa.

On another personal note, the former Envigado star is someone who saw success at an early age and has learned to manage it.

Duran is humble, sensitive, and a good human being. Those who know him have said he is very supportive, especially to young aspiring football kids who follow in his footsteps.

Jhon Duran Lifestyle:

According to the 2023 claret and blue recruit, making money in his career is important, but it will always be in the background. Because of that, Jhon Duran commands a humble lifestyle. There are no such things as showcasing his fleet of cars, houses, and other luxuries.

Getting to know Jader's Lifestyle.
Getting to know Jader’s Lifestyle.

Jhon Duran Family Life:

Making it to the Colombian national team and being successful at the club level is something members of his household long for.

Duran’s Football rise came not because he played in a fantastic team, but the fact that he has a great family support system. Now, let’s tell you about the family members of Antioquia striker.

Jhon Duran Father:

Regino was once a club president of the local team his son played his football. Duran’s Dad a man who has deep knowledge of the beautiful game has brought several benefits to his son.

One such was giving Jhon access to exclusive career opportunities, including the opportunities for his son’s early recognition and development.

Despite his Dad’s support, Jhon knew that having a parent in the Colombian football industry wasn’t enough to guarantee him success. From the onset, he was aware that he had to possess his own skills and give lots of hard work to succeed as a professional.

Jhon Duran Mother:

The Aston Villa Striker takes a photo with the woman who gave birth to him on the occassion of his 18th birthday. This photo was taken at Duran's family hma at Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia, Colombia.
The Aston Villa Striker takes a photo with the woman who gave birth to him on the occasion of his 18th birthday. This photo was taken at Duran’s family home in Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia, Colombia.

While her name is yet to be unravelled, what is known is that she bears the maternal family name, Palacio. Jhon Duran’s Mum is someone who offered the most unwavering emotional support to her son.

Her words of encouragement have made Jhon maintain a level of humility, even amidst the fame of being a Star player in the Premier League. In fact, the former Miss Palacio is a testament to the importance of family support in the lives of rising young Colombian footballers.

Jhon Duran Cousin:

Andrés Palacios Roa has family ties with the Athlete’s Mum. Jhon Duran Cousin is a university graduate and a proud supporter of his career. Andrés, who is a Lionel Messi fan, has followed his cousin’s progress since his Academy years with Envigado.

Andrés Palacios Roa is the cousin of the Aston Villa Striker.
Andrés Palacios Roa is the cousin of the Aston Villa Striker.

Jhon Duran Uncle:

Oswaldo Durán, nicknamed ‘the Shadow’ was a great goalkeeper for many Colombian teams. Before his retirement from professional football, Jhon Duran’s uncle once played for clubs like Independiente Medellín, Nacional, Once Caldas, Huila and Pereira.

As I write his nephew’s Bio, Oswaldo (as revealed in Elpais) now has the highest coaching degree from Fifa. His Conmebol license and Pro Nacional license enable me to coach any team in Colombia, including coaching countries around the world.

Meet Oswaldo Durán the football coach and strategist. He is Jhon Duran's Uncle. 
Meet Oswaldo Durán, the football coach and strategist. He is Jhon Duran’s Uncle. 

Oswaldo Durán’s success as a football coach saw him help Bajo Cauca de la B, and recently Bogotá Fútbol Club and Atlético Huila in the Colombian first division.

Duran’s uncle was a technical assistant to coach Carlos ‘Piscis’ Restrepo at Pérez Zeledón. This is a Costa Rican football team which plays at the top level in the country’s top professional association football division, the Liga FPD.

Jhon Duran Facts:

In the final phase of our Biography, we’ll tell you truths you might not know about The big bulky beast. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Jhon Duran made the Guardian’s list:

The attacker from the famous Envigado FC quarry in October 2020 made the list of the newspaper’s best 60 soccer promises in the world.

There are other young talents in world football, as listed by the Guardian, that is worthy of mention. Those whom we have written their Biographies include; Jamaal Musiala, Ilaix Moriba, Wilfried Gnonto, Xavi Simons and Benjamin Sesko, etc.

The day his dreams came true:

That day came on Jhon Duran’s international debut for the Colombia senior team. It was a day when he shared the same dressing room with his Idol, who is no other than Radamel Falcao.

On that day, the 24th day of September 2022, Colombia’s senior team played against Guatemala. A super excited Jhon Duran replaced his Idol, Radamel Falcao, just after halftime.

Falcao is one of Jhon’s highest football references in the position he plays. In fact, Falcao influences him both on and off the pitch.

Jhon Duran Salary:

The Medellín native earns below Ashley Young and Jacob Ramsey‘s wages (50 and 70k pounds, respectively). When Jhon Duran’s wages are broken down into smaller numbers, we have the following;

TENURE/EARNINGS Jhon Duran Aston Villa Salary Breakdown in Pound Sterling (£) Jhon Duran Aston Villa Salary Breakdown in Colombian Peso
What Jhon Duran makes VERY YEAR: £1,562,400 8,797,862,294 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY MONTH: £130,200 733,155,191 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY WEEK: £30,000 168,929,767 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY DAY: £4,285 24,132,823 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY HOUR: £178 1,005,534 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY MINUTE: £2.9 16,758 pesos
What Jhon Duran makes VERY SECOND: £0.04 279 pesos

How rich is the Forward?

Where Jhon Duran’s Parents come from, the average person in earns around 4,690,000 COP (Colombian Peso) per month. Such a person would need more than a lifetime (156 years) to earn Duran’s annual Villa salary.

Since you started viewing Jhon Duran‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Villa


Underrated FIFA Profile:

Judging by his early rise to stardom (as seen in the goals he scored), Jhon Duran deserves an increase, especially in his FIFA potential. Football fans are of the view that FIFA should increase his ratings in line with young strikers like Youssoufa Moukoko and Hugo Ekitike.

The poor FIFA ratings of the Medellín Athlete reveals that Sprint Speed, Agility and Jumping are his most valuable assets.
The poor FIFA ratings of the Medellín Athlete reveal that Sprint Speed, Agility and Jumping are his most valuable assets.

Jhon Duran Religion:

From our findings, the Athlete does activities that show he is a devoted Christian. Jhon Duran’s Parents had possibly raised him as a devout Catholic.

Like Luis Diaz, he prays before each game and gives thanks to God after games, including post-game interviews.

Duran is pictured saying his prayers before a Envigado football match.
Duran is pictured saying his prayers before an Envigado football match.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Jhon Duran’s Biography.

Full Name: Jhon Jader Durán Palacio
Nickname: JD
Date of Birth: 13th day of December 2003
Place of Birth: Medellín, Colombia
Age: 19 years and 1 months old.
Parents: Regino Duran (Father), Mrs Durán Palacio (Mother)
Cousin: Andrés Palacios Roa
Uncle: Oswaldo Durán
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Colombian
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: African Colombian
Education: Casa de Paz school
Net Worth: 1.5 million pounds (2023 stats)
Salary: £1,562,400 or 8,797,862,294 pesos
Height: 1.85 meters OR 6 feet 1 inches
Favourite Foot: Left
Agent: Jonathan Herrera
Academy attended: Envigado


Antioquia striker named Jhon Jader Durán Palacios was born on the 13th day of December. The Athlete was born in 2003 to his parents – Mr and Mrs Regino Duran. Jhon spent his entire childhood in the town of Zaragoza, Antioquia, northwest Colombia.

Duran started out with street football. The Medellín native spent hours honing his craft and perfecting his technique on the streets of Zaragoza, Antioquia.

As he grew older, his passion for playing the game professionally grew stronger. Duran described his journey to a recognized Colombian academy as both beautiful and difficult.

At the early age of 10, he left the Casa de Paz school in his town to formally get himself into Envigado’s football academy. During that time, Duran did not have money for transport, but there were people who helped me.

Envigado academy, which he joined, is well known to be the cradle of great players like the Legendary James Rodríguez.

Jhon developed into an Athlete known to have quick feet and a knack for scoring goals. At the tender age of 15, the boy from Medellín turned into a professional. Jhon’s meteoric rise with Envigado earned him early national recognition.

Popular English newspaper, The Guardian, included him in the list of their 60 most promising male soccer players for the year 2020. Two seasons later, in January, Duran signed with the Major League Soccer club Chicago Fire.

Durán instantly became the shining in the MLS, thanks to his spectacular goals and individual honours. On the 23rd day of January 2023, Aston Villa pledged an £18m deal for the Chicago Fire striker.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking out time to read LifeBogger’s version of Jhon Duran’s Biography.

We care about accuracy and fairness in our quest to deliver the Life History of Footballers from Colombian origins. Duran’s Bio is contained in our wider collection of South American Football Stories.

Kindly fact-check us by letting us know (via comment) if you find anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir about the former Chicago Fire star. Also, tell us what you think about the amazing story we’ve written about the 

Asides from our content on Jhon Duran’s Biography, we’ve got other great stories of Colombian footballers – which will excite you. Have you read the Life History of Alfredo Morelos and Juan Cuadrado?

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