Watch Ciwidey Wanita viral video

 The news of the circulation of the exciting viral Ciwidey video has caught the attention of the social media public in recent times. This is because the 39-second video recording the immoral actions of the veiled woman has been circulating widely since the last three days.


Watch Ciwidey video here.

Image Via Social Media.

It was revealed that the video was recorded in the Ciwidey tea plantation area, Bandung Regency, West Java. This can be seen clearly in the video which records the figure of a naked woman sitting on a rock. Behind the woman you can see the main road and the famous Ciwidey tea plantation area. In addition to the location where the video was recorded, the figure of the female actor in the video was also revealed.

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The woman in the video is wearing a blue shirt and a headscarf complete with a black veil. He fearlessly performs indecent scenes during the day. Even when doing the scene, a motorcycle was recorded driving on the highway.


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